Centillion - New Brand Identity

Centillion Reveals New Brand Identity and Website

Bangalore, KA – Monday, January 18, 2021

For over 15 years, Centillion Solutions and Services has been an industry leader in providing enterprise solutions and services for rural and agri banking, risk management and enterprise digitization, imaging hardware sales and the back-office banking operations. With the launch of its new brand, Centillion reveals a new visual identity, tag line, logo and website to reflect the evolution of the company’s services and technology solutions it offers.

Centillion continually strives to provide innovative services and solutions to meet the changing needs of its clients. This is specifically represented with the company’s new alignment of service focus on rural banking, risk management and enterprise digitization and imaging hardware sales which adds value to the client. Centillion wanted the new brand identity to reflect its core values as well as its clients’ feedback on Centillion’s strengths: ingenuity, agility, efficiency, innovation, reliability, knowledge, accuracy, and integrity.

The brand launch includes an updated logo, tag line, graphic style, and website, with a new layout and categorization of services and solutions. The new logo represents our stability, enthusiasm, and dedication. While there is a new logo and tagline the company is committed to its core principles, vision and mission.

Staying true to who we are as a company, our new brand enhances our company’s message and commitment to innovation, perseverance, and excellence. Our new website reflects the evolution of our company, our commitment to providing clients with new and improved services and technology, streamlining of processes, improving efficiencies and adapting to the changing needs of the marketplace and workforce.

Centillion is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka with over 500 employees spread pan India. Centillion Solutions and Services takes banking to rural economies, provides risk management services, audits of all types, sale of high-end imaging hardware and complete enterprise digitization solutions, software solutions for all our services, compliance and project management, and training and education. With a focus on providing services backed by technology, Centillion partners with large and mid-sized banks, Non-Banking Financial Institutions, and other corporates to achieve one specific goal – to connect, transact and engage to help you grow. Centillion makes it easy

Our longevity in the ever-changing business world is our strength. We have worked diligently to develop tools and resources using extensive feedback from both clients and internal associates.

To learn more, visit the new website at https://centillionss.com

Press Contact:

R S Narayanan
Head Risk & Compliance, Centillion
+91 94481 31059

Salima Tabassum
Manager, Centillion

+91 99453 37161